Sandi Gilbert

Sandi Gilbert is involved with several ventures focused on supporting entrepreneurs as they navigate through start-up to scale-up.

She is the Managing Partner of InterGen Capital, a private venture fund designed to enable high potential companies to seize global opportunities. She leads the InterGen initiative, a not-for-profit that is building a community where ambitious entrepreneurs and emerging companies get connected with the talent and expertise of Alberta’s business leaders. Sandi is the founder of DealPoint, a fintech solution that digitizes investor onboarding, investment execution and compliance for private capital markets activities for investment dealers, early-stage companies, angel and venture led financings and syndications.

Sandi Gilbert currently sits on the boards of the National Angel Capital Association and the Angel Capital Association in the USA. She is also a board member of Ocumetics Technology Corp, a member of the advisory board of NRC-IRAP and the New Economy advisory board of the Alberta Securities Commission.

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