Our Approach

We are high-conviction, Alberta early-stage investors.

As an Alberta-focused, pre-seed micro venture capital fund we are private, tech-focused investors. We invest in overlooked founders and emerging markets, enabling disruption through the digital transformation of industries. All while unlocking access to this important early-stage venture asset class for pioneering investors & helping to get our portfolio companies to further investment rounds and scale.


Early-stage founders face a well-known paradox. They need capital to get revenue but can’t get capital until they have meaningful revenue. Metiquity fills this critical funding gap. 

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We follow a meticulous due diligence and investment process to make objective decisions. We act as a lead investor  in a smaller number of companies we strongly believe in and can add value to. 

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Active Investing

We form a true partnership with each of our portfolio companies to provide not just capital, but the strategic guidance and support early-stage companies need to help manage risk and accelerate growth. 

Digital Transformation

Digital Innovation is transforming industries.

Rapidly decreasing technology costs, combined with technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data & analytics, cloud computing and the Internet of Things, are disrupting existing business and operating models. This provides a wide range of existing industries with opportunity for significant value creation and enables unprecedented access to global markets. Metiquity are the only experienced investment fund solely focused on leading pre-seed rounds in Alberta's pre-revenue and early-revenue start-ups. We continue to build a portfolio of 20 to 30 companies and a Fund I of $10 million.

An Alberta-Focused, Pre-Seed Micro Venture Fund

Metiquity Ventures exists to fuel the next generation of founders in Alberta and the Prairies. Build a sustainable foundation for future investment & generate substantial returns for investors.

We provide transformative capital and strategic counsel to local early-stage businesses while fostering community innovation and earning above-market investment returns. Metiquity Ventures Fund I is our first pre-seed focused micro venture fund. 


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