Meet the Metiquity Ventures team

Founding Directors

Founders Bryan Slauko, CFA and Jacques LaPointe, MBA, P.Eng. have spent decades growing businesses, managing investments, and optimizing organizational governance and funding. Throughout the last three decades of operations in Western Canada, they began to notice that many deserving startups faltered as Venture Capital funds declined to provide pre-seed stage funding.

This was especially true for technological enterprises and entrepreneurs with the potential to transform our society and world while putting our region on the map in more business success stories.

Slauko and LaPointe formed Metiquity Ventures Inc. to give life to valuable entrepreneurial start-ups and founders on the cusp of world-changing digital innovation.

Bryan Slauko, founding director
Slauko is one of the few private investment managers and venture capital founders in the region who is a CFA with a bachelor’s in Commerce. He’s spent years directing various capital investment firms before turning his attention to emerging enterprises. After noticing the industry-halting gap between pre-revenue funding and early-stage development, he decided to leverage his skills for start-ups with immense growth and disruptive potential.

Jacques LaPointe, founding director
Coming from a long career in tech product management and business development, LaPointe has managed more than $43 million in investments for early-stage technology enterprises. He brings his robust understanding of capital investments to help tech start-ups enter the marketplace and exit with significant gains. He’s been in the trenches and taken “camels” (tech companies) through further investment rounds and strong exits.

Founding Board

Founding Board Members Sandi Gilbert and Dean Prodan have a combined experience that includes decades in regional, national and global business. While Sandi brings years of senior strategy roles and CEO experience, as well as a plethora of venture capital strategist and leadership positions (including founder and CEO), Dean shares his knowledge as an experienced board member of some of Western Canada’s top companies and organizations, as well as positions as president and owner and co-founder of asset management funds and businesses focused on the Canadian energy sector (including UTA Asset Management, and FirstEnergy Capital Corp). Prodan is also a board member with Platform Calgary.

Combined skill set

Leveraging their skills in risk management, investment analysis, and business development, Metiquity are on a mission to connect promising enterprises with critical early-stage seed investment.

The team and The Board comprise a diverse and experienced group of financial experts, investors, entrepreneurs, and advisors. Our founders provide 45 years of combined experience in investment portfolio management, market research, and technology entrepreneurship.

All decisions stem from a meticulous approach to data as the team crafts lucrative equity arrangements — hence the name, Metiquity.

For Metiquity’s investors

The above means they can count on a portfolio that is diversified and managed by those with resumes that fit their needs. We know that there is hesitation by new private wealth investors as well as those with experience to become involved with firms and models that do not demonstrate a track record of success, understanding of the sector, as well as diversification and risk management in investment success history. We wouldn’t put our money into something that isn’t managed by experts either.

Together, our founders, board, and advisors combine expertise and experience to strive to create value and facilitate growth for the start-ups that stand to make a difference in the world.

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