Metiquity Ventures Purpose

Metiquity was formed to unlock growth potential for innovative founders on-the-cusp of commercialization and pioneering investors who invest capital alongside them.

But for us, unlocking growth potential goes beyond money and creating wealth for founders and investors.


As Canadian early stage investors, we have a responsibility – through our investment activity – to improve to our communities:

By increasing societal wealth through job creation and economic growth, and

By advancing societal well-being by encouraging sustainable development.

Encouraging the investment of local innovation capital is essential to the future of our communities.


We have a responsibility to act as teachers and coaches to founders and investors:

Education and knowledge bring empowerment and growth as investors and business people.

More informed investors are much more trusting and more confident in making investments.

Knowledgeable and confident founders and investors are critical to the investment of local innovation capital.


In furtherance of our purpose to unlock capital and growth potential, Metiquity is committed to:

1. Providing the high level of transparency required to help educate and build knowledge for our founders and investors.

2. Increasing accessibility to capital by communicating in a way that speaks the languages founders and investors are familiar with.

3. Committing to a highly professional investment approach where the best interests of investors are always placed first.

4. Always working hard to earn and maintain the trust of our stakeholders.


As investors, Metiquity is motivated by both value and values. We integrate the consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our screening of potential investments and due diligence process. Metiquity believes that consideration of ESG leads to more complete investment analysis and better-informed investment decisions. We also believe that portfolio companies committing to ESG are positioned for stronger long-term performance.

Environmental, Social, and Governance
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