Why Choose Metiquity?

Can you speak the language sophisticated investors want to hear?

Can you demonstrate a reasonable balance between risk and potential returns?

Is your investment offering structured the way experienced accredited investors want to see it?

Sound Advice

Metiquity provides one place to access all the trusted, specialized expertise necessary to successfully prepare to raise private equity capital.

Connections to Capital

Metiquity can provide clients with connections to a range of potential capital sources that have confidence in Metiquity’s process. read more


Metiquity ensures clients capital raising activities are compliant with securities commissions through partnerships in place with registered dealers.

Value for a Growing Business

Value for Investors

  • Accelerate growth in the client’s business.
  • Bring clarity and guidance to protect clients in an unfamiliar process.
  • A trusted connection to qualified investment channels.
  • A trusted connection to relevant service providers.
  • Allow business owners to focus on managing their business.
  • Help clients save time and money in the fundraising process.
  • Access to fully vetted deal flow to invest in.
  • Metiquity prepares a complete, investment ready package with our partners, making for a smooth process for the client and investor.
  • Results in increased confidence in investment opportunities and accelerates investor readiness.
  • Enhances protection of investor best interests.
  • Provides investors with a recognized ‘stamp of approval’.