Testimonial: Arolytics and Entrepreneurial Expertise

Founded by a trio of academics whose paths crossed during an emissions research group, Arolytics Ltd – a provider of methane software and data analytics solutions for the oil and gas sector – became the inaugural investment in BDC Capital’s new $150M Sustainability Venture Fund in September this year.

However, co-founder Liz O’Connell credits the input of Metiquity Ventures’ Bryan Slauko and Jacques LaPointe for the company’s success to date. On the topic, Liz remarked that being able to utilize Bryan and Jacques’ entrepreneurial experience to date allowed Arolytics to properly scale as a startup.

“They bring years of experience that as a young founding team we don’t have, and so we’re really able to leverage their background and governance in finance and being in the space for a while,” Liz began. “We get the advisory and that governance network perspective from which is wonderful.”

Moving forward, Liz and the team at Arolytics are hoping to jump head first into the company’s next stage of growth through expanding their team size “quite dramatically”.

“I’m sure that we’re exceeding the pace of this quickly moving market,” she added, before urging other prospective entrepreneurs to focus on the ‘partnership’ element of the founders’ story when trying to build a successful startup.

Liz elaborated: “It’s not just about this transaction of money,” instead pointing to the significance of working with professionals who align with your specific wants and needs as a founder (or what WaitWell co-founder Steve Vander Meulen refers to as philosophical ambition’ [link]).

“We spoke with other portfolio companies of Metiquity who had rave glowing reviews for working with Bryan and Jacques, and the notion that there’s a lot of other people that had a great experience with them previously really gave us a lot of comfort,” she concluded.

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