Testimonial: A Lift for Arolytics

In September 2023, Arolytics Ltd – a provider of methane software and data analytics solutions for the oil and gas sector – became the inaugural investment in BDC Capital’s new $150M Sustainability Venture Fund.

The fund itself is dedicated to investing in businesses which develop technology that furthers the field in meeting sustainability and climate targets. 

While additional investors include Yaletown Partners, StartupTNT, and a Houston-based strategic investor, it was co-founder Liz O’Connell’s work with Metiquity Ventures which she credits to helping leverage the company’s seed round experiences.

Metiquity Ventures was one of the first investors to partner with Arolytics Ltd. And Liz says their startup journey was in a much better position to raise greater investment because of their lead infuse of cash and contribution (for example, Bryan Slauko sits on the Arolytics Board).

“Metiquity has been there through all of these crazy ups and downs, and all these things that get thrown at us as a result of running a startup,” says Liz. “These issues include a new range of data challenges at the hand of an evolving emissions measurement infrastructure, many of which pertain to the (very significant) monitoring, measuring and quantifying of emissions data across hundreds and thousands of individual facilities across dozens of different states and provinces and countries.”

Liz met her two fellow co-founders during an academic emissions research group, during a time in which there were little-to-no strong widespread regulations around emissions management for the oil and gas sector. However, with a prompt wave of new regulations came an opportunity for Liz and her co-founders to create digital solutions to support and automate new processes.

On the influence of lead investor Metiquity Ventures, Liz elaborated: “There’s always that ear to run something by – a second piece of advice. Jacques and Bryan are extremely responsive and they always bring a unique perspective to the table.”

“Leading up to our seed round that we kicked off earlier this year. Bryan (Slauko) had great recommendations on what type of investor we should consider and why. Their lead investment contribution of not only time but experience has helped us move to further seed rounds.” 

Bryan Slauko continues to sit on the software development company’s board of directors.


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