Our Unique Approach

Metiquity believes that you only get one chance to make a winning first impression and deliver the confidence required to accelerate growth in your business.

We provide the equity capital and management expertise necessary to help accelerate growth in our client’s businesses through a focused process that allows their story to be told the way investors, customers and other stakeholders need to hear it.

Metiquity acts as a lead investor and recognized expert in early-stage private equity investment in small but growing privately held businesses. Most of our work begins once the investment has been made, as we roll up our sleeves to make sure our portfolio companies get the help and expertise they need to succeed.

We are very familiar with the unique needs and challenges faced by small but growing businesses and can help with execution in critical areas where management may have gaps. This includes:

  • Sales and marketing systems needed to grow revenue
  • Financial controls and management necessary to ensure profitability
  • business systems and processes needed to strengthen operations

Metiquity also has a strong network of professionals that can fill other typical gaps in expertise including:

  • Legal
  • Communications
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Governance
  • Strategic planning