Metiquity Ventures Closes its $300,000 Investment in Calgary-Based Mastrius.

Metiquity Ventures announces the closing of its $300,000 investment in Calgary-based Mastrius. Mastrius is a leading virtual mentorship platform, connecting artists with experienced mentors for personalized creative guidance.

Metiquity Ventures, a leading pre-seed stage focused venture fund based in Calgary, has announced a strategic investment of $300,000 in Mastrius and its $1 million pre-seed round. Mastrius is a prominent virtual mentorship company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. This significant infusion of capital is poised to further fuel Mastrius’s expansion, enhance its technological infrastructure, and bolster its presence in the burgeoning virtual mentorship market.

Mastrius, known for its cutting-edge platform connecting artists with mentors for live, personalized creative guidance, will utilize this investment to strengthen its position in the virtual mentorship sector. The company plans to innovate its platform, develop new features, and scale its operations to cater to a broader global audience of aspiring artists and creative enthusiasts.

Metiquity Ventures’ partner Bryan Slauko is thrilled to partner with the team at Mastrius, stating: “We are excited about the potential Mastrius holds in revolutionizing the way emerging artists and other creatives learn and grow. The Mastrius team have already proven global demand for their platform and their determination and commitment to succeed aligns perfectly with our mission to support innovative ventures here in Alberta. We believe that this investment will empower Mastrius to reach new heights in the virtual mentorship landscape.”

Mastrius CEO Mike DeBoer expressed gratitude for the investment, stating: “Metiquity Ventures’ support is a testament to the value we are creating in the creative community. This investment will enable us to expand our services, offer more opportunities to artists, and continue our mission of empowering creative minds. We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Metiquity Ventures.”

This investment marks a significant milestone for both Metiquity Ventures and Mastrius, showcasing the synergy between strategic investors and innovative startups in driving progress and fostering talent within emerging and often overlooked sectors in Alberta.

About Metiquity Ventures:

Metiquity Ventures is a pre-seed stage focused venture fund based in Calgary, dedicated to supporting innovative startups in their early stages. With a focus on empowering emerging businesses, Metiquity Ventures provides strategic investments and mentorship to drive growth and success.

About Mastrius:

Mastrius is a leading virtual mentorship platform based in Calgary, connecting artists with experienced mentors for personalized creative guidance. Through its innovative platform, Mastrius empowers aspiring artists to develop their skills, gain insights, and thrive in their creative pursuits. Emerging Artists join small, high-impact apprenticeship groups to be mentored in a live virtual setting by their choice of Master Artist, whom they’d otherwise never have access to. Mastrius brings its members the encouragement of a safe and trusted community of fellow artists, working together to help even the loftiest goals become achievable.

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