Metiquity Announces Investment in Calgary-based my-eforce

Metiquity is excited to announce the closing of its pre-seed equity investment in Calgary-based, my-eforce. Metiquity acted as lead investor in this over-subscribed round.

Metiquity is excited to announce the closing of its pre-seed equity investment in Calgary-based, my-eforce. Metiquity acted as lead investor in this over-subscribed round.

my-eforce has developed a health and safety platform providing organizations of all types with actionable, lifesaving information, long before everyday incidents become life-changing tragedies. my-eforce provides a unique combination of real-time GPS location and automated biometric feedback through its innovative and discreet wearable wristband technology. This automation ensures the story of a life-critical event is instantly told – crucial for when the wearer is unable to tell it themselves. The my-eforce platform also provides a proprietary connection to emergency dispatch to enhance the speed and safety of emergency response times.

Keeping Employees and Organizations Safe Through Biometric Technology

Organizations can now connect to individual employees to help keep them safe. The my-eforce platform understands and alerts to the wearer’s reaction to serious, abnormal, or life-critical events through acute changes in their biometric information. The more the wristband is worn, the safer the wearer becomes. Team leaders can then forward that life-critical information directly to first responders, drastically reducing time and logistics for emergency response. Any segment of industry will benefit from my-eforce, starting with higher-risk workers, then moving to the boardroom.

Bryan Slauko, Managing Partner at Metiquity Ventures, says the firm is excited to partner with Brennan Lewis and the team at my-eforce.

“We believe my-eforce’s ability to understand the unique biometric fingerprint for each person on the platform will give customers critical insights that empower them to better protect the health and safety of their employees. At the same time, my-eforce’s platform will digitally transform an inefficient employee check-in process and allow customers to optimize and automate their operations.” Says Slauko.

Market Disruption

The market for employee safety solutions is well defined and growing. COVID-19 has created more remote and disconnected workers than ever, forever changing its definition and therefore, requirements. Employee insurance costs are rising, and organizations are placing a greater corporate focus on health and safety to attract and retain their people. As the minimum standards for corporate-employee-responsibility shift, Metiquity believes my-eforce’s technology will bring needed innovation to the existing market for employee safety solutions, opening new markets by broadening the application of these solutions across overlooked industries, geographies and most importantly, employee’s themselves.

About Metiquity Ventures

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Metiquity Ventures is a pre-seed growth equity fund formed to unlock growth potential for innovative founders on-the-cusp of growth and pioneering investors who invest alongside them.

About my-eforce

my-eforce is the next generation of high-tech employee safety solutions, consisting of real-time GPS, automated biometric feedback, and emergency dispatch integration. Our Alberta developed technology includes a wearable wristband and is connected to a proprietary cloud platform. The my-eforce system is the first to understand and react to people’s unique health and wellness traits, allowing us to tell the story of what events that individual is experiencing in the field during a potential emergency where they may be cut off from other communications. Our technology enables organizations to better protect their workforce through coordinated responses to their workers needs without wasting valuable time.

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