Jacques LaPointe on Gaining Attention from the Right Investors

Metiquity Ventures co-founding partner Jacques LaPointe has lifted the lid on how best for entrepreneurs to get attention from the right investors when trying to build their company.

With more than 25 years of experience, Jacques LaPointe claims that the biggest thing which helped Metiquity Ventures accelerate was “looking through the eyes of an investor”, as opposed to maintaining a ‘build it and they will come’ mentality.

For this reason, Jacques focuses more on the significance of validating the company’s efforts in order to show an investor their potential for success if they choose to invest.

This includes showcasing the company’s value proposition and highlighting that the company is solving a problem within its respective market.

Jacques encourages startup founders to come into market with a video of their concept in order to show prospective investors what they could be investing in.

As the former president and co-founder of Calgary-based Attabotics, Jacqued led Attabotics through its very first equity and grant funding and the significant investment and growth that followed during his three-year tenure.

However, as a director of work and project management solution company Leankor, strategic advisor for Motorweb.org, charter member of The A100 and member of the Institute of Corporate Directors, Jacques admits that there are “a myriad of problems to be solved” when trying to gain the attention of the right investors.

“Companies in our portfolio are all solving a major issue in their industry,” Jacques continued. “These are companies that are changing the way an industry is working, if we can take these companies that are just on the edge of some serious growth or some serious momentum. If we can just take them that a little bit further to their next financing round, that investor can quickly see two-to-three times their money,” he concluded.

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