How to Find Private Equity Investors

The Challenge

Many companies who have not previously raised equity capital from private investors have significant challenges demonstrating that they are ready for outside investment. These challenges originate from an inability to deliver clarity and confidence to potential investors the way they need to see it.

Common problems include:

  • Companies need help telling their story in a clear, concise manner and in a language accredited investors want to hear.
  • They are unable to demonstrate a reasonable balance between risk and potential returns and/or do not have a clear understanding of this concept.
  • Their investment offering is not structured the way experienced investors want to see it for it to be investable.
  • Companies are generally not aware of the many factors that an investor will consider when evaluating an investment.

The Solution

Metiquity believes that you only get one chance to make a winning first impression with private equity investors.

Metiquity provides the expertise necessary to accelerate growth in our clients’ businesses by preparing them to attract private equity investment through a focused process that allows their story to be told the way investors need to hear it.


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The #1 reason an investor will choose to make an investment in your business is confidence.


Why Metiquity Matters to Companies Seeking Equity Capital


Metiquity’s process ensures businesses seeking to raise capital will be taken seriously and deliver confidence to investors.


Metiquity brings clarity and guidance to protect clients in an unfamiliar process.

Mobilize Capital

Metiquity’s process mobilizes capital for investors who lack the expertise or resources to identify investment opportunities.

Vetted Opportunities

Metiquity allows investors to identify fully vetted investment opportunities while reducing their burden of due diligence.