Accelerate Growth With High Net Worth Equity Investors

The Challenge

Companies that have been raising equity capital from traditional retail channels, such as through an Exempt Market Dealer, likely have a solid foundation of strong fundamentals required to have success with larger high net worth and institutional types of investors. However, the demands of these more sophisticated investors can be distinctly different in terms of the investment structures, governance requirements and reporting needs that are acceptable to them.

Common challenges companies face when moving beyond retail investment channels include:

  • A much greater focus is typically placed on the alignment of interests between management and investors. Proposed management fees and distribution of profits in the investment structure will be heavily scrutinized.
  • Governance requirements will likely be very different as investors need to see a governance structure in place that will provide some protection to investors. Companies are often not familiar with these needs.
  • Sophisticated investors need a high degree of transparency that companies may not be accustomed to providing.


The Solution

Metiquity believes that you only get one chance to make a winning first impression with accredited investors.

Metiquity provides the expertise necessary to accelerate growth in our clients’ businesses by preparing them to attract high net worth and institutional private equity investment through a focused process that speaks the language investors want to hear.


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The #1 reason an investor will choose to make an investment in your business is confidence. Delivering confidence to larger, sophisticated investors requires additional attention to detail.


Why Metiquity Matters to Companies Seeking Equity Capital


Metiquity’s process ensures businesses seeking to raise capital will be taken seriously and deliver confidence to investors.


Metiquity brings clarity and guidance to protect clients in an unfamiliar process.

Mobilize Capital

Metiquity’s process mobilizes capital for investors who lack the expertise or resources to identify investment opportunities.

Vetted Opportunities

Metiquity allows investors to identify fully vetted investment opportunities while reducing their burden of due diligence.