The Alberta Investor Tax Credit (AITC) is an initiative under the Alberta Jobs Plan that will encourage investment in businesses that are bringing new products and services to market and creating jobs in Alberta. The AITC offers a 30% tax credit to Alberta investors who provide capital that is invested in a range of eligible business activities, including those targeted by Metiquity Ventures (VCC) Fund Ltd.

Does Your Company Qualify for the AITC?

  • In order to be eligible to register under the AITC as an Eligible Business Corporation, a business must:
    have no more than 100 employees
  • Be incorporated under the Business Corporations Act of Alberta
  • If exporting, pay at least 50% of wages to employees who report to work in Alberta
  • If non-exporting. pay at least 75% of wages to employees to who report to work in Alberta
  • Have more than 80% of assets located in Alberta, and
  • Have at least $25,000 in equity capital.

Additionally, for businesses to be eligible under the AITC, they need to be substantially engaged (at least 50% of the company’s activities) in at least one of the following activities:

  • Research, development and commercialization of proprietary technology, products and processes
  • Tourism activities such as resorts, skiing facilities, recreation industries, hunting and fishing camps, scenic and sightseeing transportation.
  • Development of interactive digital media and game products
  • Post-production, visual effects and digital animation.

Investor Tax Credits

For Individual Investors:

  • The tax credit is a refundable tax credit in an amount equal to 30% of the investment made.
  • An individual investor may receive a maximum tax credit of $300,000 (equal to a $1,000,000 investment).
  • There is a $60,000 maximum credit that ca be applied per year.
  • Tax credits man be carried forward for up to 4 years, which means that an investor may receive a credit for more than $60,000, up to the maximum of $300,000. The $60,000 per year tax credit will be allocated to the year the credit is realized as well as the four years that follow.

For Corporate Investors:

  • The AITC is a non-refundable tax credit.
  • There is no maximum credit.
  • The tax credit may be carried forward for up to four years.