Metiquity Closes Investment in Calgary-based Sawback Technologies

Sawback technologies drone

March  23, 2021

Metiquity is excited to announce the closing of its pre-seed equity investment in Calgary-based Sawback Technologies. Metiquity acted as lead investor in the current round.

Sawback Technologies has developed a proprietary ground penetrating radar solution to remotely collect, visualize, and analyze near-surface data to easily and quickly identify underground utilities, fluid leaks, soil moisture content, and infrastructure health over large and complex environments. Sawback’s innovative technology is designed to be lightweight, easily attach to a drone or directly to vehicles including excavation equipment, and to automate data analysis. This enables much faster and more efficient results than available through traditional GPR solutions, which require extensive human involvement.

“Metiquity is excited to partner with Neil Keown and the team at Sawback. We believe Neil’s GPR solution can address a clear problem in the construction excavation industry by empowering frontline workers to enhance performance. Failure to accurately mark the location of underground utilities and pipelines is a major problem and damages are on the rise. The total cost of incidents in North America alone were estimated at $30 billion in 2019.” – Bryan Slauko, Managing Partner at Metiquity Ventures.

Sawback’s technology has the potential to transform a construction excavation industry that has been slow to adopt new innovations, and in doing so reduce the prevalence of human error that results in damages. “We see similar potential to broaden the application of this technology and optimize performance across multiple industry sectors including mining, pipeline inspection, road and bridge evaluation and military applications, among others.”

Metiquity Ventures

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Metiquity Ventures is a pre-seed growth equity fund formed to unlock growth potential for innovative founders on-the-cusp of growth and pioneering investors who invest alongside them.

Sawback Technologies

Sawback has developed a proprietary ground penetrating radar (GPR) solution to remotely collect, visualize, and analyze near-surface underground data over wide areas and complex environments. Sawback’s technology is designed to detect objects with diameter as little as 15cm and provide 10cm accuracy in any direction within the first 3 metres below the surface.

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