Metiquity Ventures Announces Investment in Calgary-Based Helm

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Metiquity Ventures Announces Investment in Calgary-Based Helm

June 19, 2020

In keeping with its commitment to helping Alberta’s early-stage founders grow their businesses despite the challenges they face in an inefficient and unstable early-stage risk capital market, Metiquity Ventures today announced its $300,000 equity investment in Calgary-based cash flow management software company Helm. This is the first investment made by Metiquity’s new fund.

At a time when many investors have paused their activity, Metiquity identified an opportunity to help a business on-the-cusp of commercialization and growth to accelerate its path and help solve a real problem faced by small businesses around the world. “While Alberta has a growing and supportive ecosystem and has even seen strong venture capital investment growth, the need for investment where we need it the most, in innovative pre-revenue and early-revenue companies, is not being met” says Bryan Slauko, Managing Partner at Metiquity Ventures. “We believe this is a great time to invest in Alberta’s early-stage founders, and with our capital they can focus on building a strong foundation for long-term growth”.

Founded in 2018, Helm provides a software-as-a-service solution that streamlines the cash flow management process, one that is often overly complicated, unfamiliar and not truly accessible to entrepreneurs. Helm empowers business owners and their advisors to make better business decisions by providing a simple, easy to use, yet powerful tool that integrates and digitally transforms the entire process of forecasting future cash flows, scheduling and approving payments, and collecting receivables. Most businesses fail because they don’t understand cash flow. Helm will change that.

The cloud accounting software industry has been growing at a rate of over 30% per year over the past three years, in North America and internationally. Metiquity believes Helm is well positioned to grow with the industry, especially given the industry experience and recognition of its co-founders, Kelvin Gieck and Twyla Verhelst. Kelvin and Twyla own their own cloud accounting firm and that has given them real insight into the stress and anxiety that business owners, their accountants and bookkeepers face around cash flow.

“We believe Helm can be an international success story, built right here in Calgary. We’re excited to partner with Kelvin, Twyla and the team at Helm for our very first investment” says Slauko.

Metiquity Ventures

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Metiquity Ventures is an early-stage growth equity fund formed to unlock growth potential for innovative founders on-the-cusp of growth and pioneering investors who invest alongside them.

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