Our Approach

Metiquity Ventures Approach

Our unique investment perspective: Metiquity Ventures provides not just capital, but the strategic guidance and support early-stage companies need to reach their full growth potential. We are a Canadian venture capital fund that is committed to supporting emerging entrepreneurs.

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We invest in companies on-the-cusp of growth

You've got early signs of validation and product-market fit. You've got customers that will buy from you, if you only had the critical capital needed to complete product development or fund the working capital you need to start generating revenue.
But you can't seem to find local capital anywhere until you can prove you have meaningful revenue. You're on-the-cusp of growth and transformation but feeling stranded by your local investment community.
Metiquity provides the early-stage capital to fill this large funding gap. The companies we work with typically lack the revenue levels many local investors are looking for as evidence of market traction. We look for alternative signs of validation and product-market fit that come well before the first $1 million in revenue.
Our Approach

We create lasting partnerships

Our goal is to build a true partnership with the companies we invest in.
We spend the time needed to get to know the business intimately and to help identify opportunities, manage risks and accelerate growth. We work closely with companies to help shape the early funding rounds including capital needs and valuation, to ensure a strong foundation for long-term success. We use our lead investment and due diligence as tools to help founders attract additional capital. We bring the strategic guidance and support early-stage companies need to help plan for growth. And we roll up our sleeves when needed to help fill any interim gaps in management needs.
Our Approach

We're active lead investors

We are investors first and use a disciplined investment process to rigorously evaluate potential, make objective investment decisions and invest with conviction. We prefer to lead our investments and drive the deal structure and valuation negotiation. Our goal is to partner with a portfolio of 20 to 30 companies. We know that capital alone is not enough. If the potential is there, we offer our operational expertise to actively support and encourage companies to develop strong business fundamentals. We want to allow founders to focus on stability and long-term value creation over short-term growth at all costs.
What We're Looking For - By the numbers

$0 to $500,000

Company Revenue

$2M to $3M

Company Valuation

$250,000 to $1M

Company Fundraising Goal


Average Metiquity Investment
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